The Team

Jeanette Ivan

Executive Director

Jeanette Bio.jpg

It all began at 6 years old with a horse named Cinnamon who kindly bucked me off and ran over my neck.

Allow me to explain:

When I was growing up on a little farm in Santa Cruz CA animals specifically horses were my life. After being lovingly launched thru the air and promptly stepped on by Miss Cinnamon I spent the next few months nurturing bumps, scrapes and broken bones. Oddly enough my mother was also limping around the house in a leg cast following one of her many major knee surgeries.

In the months to follow I learned to A stay in the saddle, B I’m one tough cookie and C my desire to care for others outweighs any obstacle that I may need to overcome. Despite being in a great deal of pain I still cared for my horse, dogs, little sister and helped my mom with many household duties that she could not attend to. No one asked me to. It was just me …

I’ve been fascinated with civil service and the medical field ever since. From CNA to EMT, ER/Operating Rooms, Dialysis Preceptor, WA State 911 Training Coordinator and mother of 2, taking care of others has always been my work. I have had the pleasure to work on some fascinating projects including drafting and implementing the first Amber Alert protocol for a large WA state county, being in the trenches with the tactical/swat team on dispatch and of course I’m still in the saddle.

I am ecstatic to continue my “Care Journey” as Executive Director of Elderberry. I cannot think of a better spot to metaphorically land then right here in Florence …. Thank you, Cinnamon, for helping to land where I belong.

Heidi Bernard

Business Officer Manager - Assistant Administrator

Heidi has worked at Elderberry Square for 4 years. She started off as a caregiver and has worked her way up to Business Office Manager, participating in the Administrator in Training Program. Heidi has worked in healthcare since before she graduated from High School, beginning by volunteering in the Pediatric Wing at a Los Angeles County Hospital. Shortly after graduation, she went to work for the same hospital, grabbing every opportunity for learning and advancement. Heidi’s family relocated from Los Angeles in 2007, making Florence, Oregon their permanent home. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys any type of crafting, spending time with her family, and reading.